In the past couple of months, I’ve been registering voters on the NIU campus. I became a deputy registrar last November. It’s been interesting – one time, 18 students registered in a two-hour period; another time, none. Despite our well-decorated table adorned with signage and red, white, and blue decorations, many students ignore us. We often try to attract attention by hailing passing groups with the cry, “Want to register to vote? Takes less than five minutes.” Sometimes they say no. Sometimes they ignore us. Sometimes they say they’re already registered. Sometimes they say yes and sit down. One girl told us she was registered in Texas. I asked if she wanted to change her registration so she could vote here in DeKalb. She said, Hell no, I can’t wait to vote against Cruz! It was a good moment.

 If you want to talk to someone from DeKalb Stands to learn more, email Carole Minor at If you’d like to sign up for the training to become a deputy registrar, (a two-hour session in Sycamore) contact Lynne Kunde, Deputy Clerk-Elections, (815) 895-7183 or

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