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The U.S. Gun Culture

Sue Russell Too often we hear people express frustration over the seeming inability of elected officials in the U.S. Congress to enact further gun controls, e.g., require more and better background checks of gun buyers, enact a ban on military-style assault weapons, create stringent licensing of gun store owners and private gun sales, require stronger … Continue reading The U.S. Gun Culture

Getting Out the Vote!

The Election Group gathered recently to prepare get-out-the-vote postcards. They went to locals who had requested Democrat ballots in the last primary, all difficult to access apartments. It took 13 people two hours to write a short message and address about 520 postcards. All were stamped with the words “Vote” and “16th District Democrats/DeKalb Stands.” … Continue reading Getting Out the Vote!


Heroes come in many flavors. I recently met Dr. Sylvia Earle, a National Geographic Explorer in Residence, who has spent the better part of her 82 years studying our oceans. She was in town for last month’s Green Lens Social Justice Series at the Egyptian Theatre. She spoke before and after the screening of “Mission … Continue reading Heroes

Deborah Booth, 2018 Election Group

In the past couple of months, I’ve been registering voters on the NIU campus. I became a deputy registrar last November. It’s been interesting - one time, 18 students registered in a two-hour period; another time, none. Despite our well-decorated table adorned with signage and red, white, and blue decorations, many students ignore us. We … Continue reading Deborah Booth, 2018 Election Group